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Taborah Adams

The Wiki Admin Minions Have Spoken

UPDATE: I filed with the American Disability Act

Mental Illness discrimination MUST stop!

Disclaimer...This is MY, Taborah Annette Adams, website and I own ALL of the content on here, bio, pictures, video, everything that the Wiki Minions claim I do not own the copyrights for. They have accused me of stealing MY BIO...basically, MY LIFE! BUT these following websites have my bio on them. So, it's legal for OTHER websites to copy and paste, but not me. Somehow I am stealing and in violation. /

Have you been on Wikipedia? Of course you have...who hasn't. I've even donated money! Well, I have been blocked, deleted and banned forever per the Wiki Minions. My page has been removed and I am never again allowed to so much as to send an email, thanks to Bbb23. It all started with a small copyright issue over a picture of ME that they claimed I didn't own and took it from this, my website. I know right. Crazy, but true. I woke up on Sunday to an email sent at 8:10 AM and throughout the day I received well over 50 emails from over 6 different admins in just 10 hours. Talk about being bombarded and overwhelmed. I was exactly that! Did they care...hell no!

The 1st email came from Jim. Oh good 'ole Jim. Jim claimed a photo of me, that had been posted on Wiki for well over a year, was not copy written, so he emailed me at 8:10 AM with a warning to correct it. That is the correct process. Then at 9:10 AM, less than an hour, Jim deleted my damn account!!! Umm, you JUST gave me a warning, you're supposed to give the person a chance, a few days, to fix it. This is per Wiki rules, not mine. Okay, it gets better. Then he sends me a message apologizing about the photo, you know the one that started this bs, well he tells me it was in fact properly copy written BUT it wasn't properly tagged by another admin! Again, I'm thinking Ummm, but you still deleted my damn account and never corrected it. Did you discipline the idiot who didn't tag my photo correctly? Did you delete or block their account? Of course not, because you consider that person a colleague, they are allowed to screw up but too bad for me, so CLICK!!!'ve been opportunity to learn for you. Absolute wrong use of authority of power. But he made it personal.

After that, the emails were flying in like frisbee's. One admin would open the account, another would come behind them and delete it, another would come and block it another came and opened it for draft and another would come and do whatever the hell they wanted to do. The biggest issue, is these admins can come right behind one another and change things...literally by a click of a button. Completely disregarding what their "fellow" admin just did. These minions are control freaks, but it gets better or should I say worse, much worse.

I can't write all of what happened because this wasn't just in one day this extended itself over a period of days, so I'm going to get to the meat of it.

On the day of the 50 email attacks, because that's what it became, I made a complaint. I said I felt I was being personally attacked because initially it was all white men doing this crap and as a black woman I felt changes kept being made to my account with these men going behind one another and continuously changing whether I could or could not have access to the account. I'm thinking, well damn, I JUST got a warning this morning!! Are they all crazy? What kind of admins would do such a thing? So, it began to feel aggressive and personal.

Ok, let's leave that there. I receive a message from admin TNT, who apologized and tried to get the other Wiki Minion's to allow me to have a draft page opened so I could make the corrections that I AGREED NEEDED TO BE MADE AND I SAID THIS SEVERAL TIMES, BUT IT WAS COMPLETELY IGNORED. I wanted to do the right thing but they decided I wasn't Wiki worthy. Justlettersandnumbers said, "I don't think she's going to agree to stick to editing other articles." Isn't that called an assumption? Yes, it is and per Wiki Civility that is against policy. But, oh it gets better. You won't believe this! TNT sent an email to the Wiki Admin Minions who had been all over my account shutting me down without proper cause. They said I was self-promoting and attacking others. Then I decided to go the talk page to see the conversation about me. I've since learned the links on the page were against policy, okay let me correct it. Nope! Now keep in mind, the other reason is for ME attacking others and then somehow Bbb23 became the victim.

Let me make this clear. I was manic and depressed and having an episode during this time. I made this very, very clear to those bombarding me with emails and I especially spelled it out for Bbb23, with the assumption she would have some form of understanding. Well, I am not going to paraphrase what was said about me, just read below.

Wiki Admin Minions Conversation:

Hi Bbb23, hope you're doing well 🙂 thanks for stepping in with Taborah. I've been talking to them in VRT ticket 2021112810004204, and was wondering if you would be willing to unblock them if they agree to edit their draft (Draft:Taborah Adams) constructively? I think getting multiple emails at once was a little overwhelming and may have contributed to some terse words.. TNT (talk) (she/they) 20:47, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

@TheresNoTime: I don't think she should be unblocked. On many levels, I do not see her as an asset to the project. However, you may unblock her if you think that's best.--Bbb23 (talk) 20:52, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

Sam, what do we gain by unblocking someone who just wants to write about themselves, citing Facebook and YouTube as references (and apparently copying and pasting from their own website anyway)? I agree with Bbb, who just happened to swing the banhammer before me. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 21:00, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

@Bbb23 and HJ Mitchell: I'm of two minds in this - its no secret that I'm quite the deletionist, and I take a pretty hard line against paid/promotional editing. That being said, the page in question (Taborah Adams) had existed for quite some time before it was edited by Taborah, and was tagged for deletion instead of the promotional edits reverted. We're at a net loss on content, and editors, from this interaction so far. Asking the editor to work on the draft has two outcomes - one, a non-viable draft and two, a draft which is worked into a viable article. I'm not a betting woman but those odds look worth a try at least TNT (talk) (she/they) 21:13, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

TheresNoTime, But that "gain" is an editor who only wants to write about themselves, and a promotional autobiography on a non-notable musician sourced to Facebook and YouTube. That doesn't seem like much of a gain. If she wants to write about something other than herself, or provide reliable third-party sources on a talk page, I'd welcome her back with open arms. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 21:32, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

I don't think this editor is sufficiently competent to edit anything. I also think it likely that if she is unblocked, she is likely to throw tantrums again, claiming mental illness.--Bbb23 (talk) 21:54, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

@Bbb23: I don't think its fair to anyone here to associate "throwing a tantrum" with "claiming mental illness" /pos --TNT (talk) (she/they) 23:13, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

@TheresNoTime: I have a great deal of sympathy for anyone with any kind of mental illness. I have family and friends with various problems. So I'm not trying to diminish the person's issues, whatever they may be. However, this is Wikipedia, not real life, and the Wikipedia reality is that when such problems interfere with the person's ability to edit and to collaborate with others, we can't afford to treat them differently.--Bbb23 (talk) 00:36, 29 November 2021 (UTC)

Urgghh, I seem to have stepped into this pile of s mire too, with this; that page is likely to be deleted in a week or so unless someone comes up with a rewrite. My 2 eurocents: I don't think we unblock people so that they can continue promoting stuff, and I don't think she's going to agree to stick to editing other articles. Two things to take away: if by some miracle you have a promo page here that has escaped attention, whatever you do don't touch it; and if people can set up to receive an email every time they get a talk-page message, someone (oversighters, stewards, the office?) should have the power to over-ride that if it's causing distress. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 22:53, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

As an update, I'm not going to be unblocking the user - if Taborah Adams is notable, someone else will sort the draft into an article, copyright issues notwithstanding. I recall now why I just stick to the CU/OS VRT queues 🥲 --TNT (talk) (she/they) 23:13, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

04:12, 11 December 2021 Bbb23 talk contribs changed block settings for Taborah talk contribs with an expiration time of indefinite (account creation blocked, email disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Disruptive editing; self-promotion; attacking other editors)

Okay, SHE...Bbb23 said "she is likely to throw tantrums again, claiming mental illness" but somehow in all of their minds I'M THE ONE ATTACKING AND I AM SOLELY WRONG! Someone explain this?

Now, Wiki Civility clearly states that all of their comments are against the policy, but they don't care and when I spoke up Bbb23 had the audacity to tell me my emails were abusive. So, what did I do...I posted one of my emails on my talk page, while I was still able to do anything on Wiki. Below is the email she claimed was abusive. Mind you I asked her SEVERAL times what was abusive about what I said and she responded telling me if I emailed her again she would disable me! Tell me that's not a power trip. I responded telling her Wiki Civility says I am to email her and what she said was a threat, not a warning as she claimed. This is the email I sent her. Please tell me what is abusive about it?

"I want to clear something up since you are playing with people's lives. I told you for legal reasons I was putting things in writing, well news flash. I meant for legal reasons...yes, for my doctor but also for ADA Act. What you and HJ Mitchell have said about me clearly goes against your own Wiki policies, please see below. I have stated over and over and over again that I made a mistake. It really should be that simple. I was actually updating the page and removing the things THAT I AGREE SHOULND'T BE THERE, but my page was deleted before I could finish. I've had that page for years. In stead of cutting me down and "making assumptions" about me, you all could have helped, but you talked about me like I was nothing and like you actually know me!

I received over 50 emails yesterday...50. That's a lot. From over 8 admins. So, you don't think that is cause to be annoyed combined with my illness. I was trying to help you understand and hoping to receive some form of empathy but you were cold, and then talked about me like I was a child with no self control. This attitude is not good and you are leaving people powerless over their lives, and you know this. You all have too much power but what you said about me goes against Wiki rules, so you made a mistake too...should you be shutdown? Have you never need another chance to get it right.

I received emails from 8:10 AM (yes, I woke up to them), until 6 PM, and it ended with false accusations made towards me. Bbb23 YOU were wrong but you are human so we should accept that people fall short sometimes but it doesn't mean they are bad people. What you said about mental illness and your mockery of mine, is downright cruel and you should apologize.

People ignore mental illnesses, push them aside as though it's only that persons if you care about people, than we are in this together. I'm part of The Poor People's Campaign, because I care about people and their issues. We should care about people. Down syndrome, Autism, Mental Retardation, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Sociopath, Anxiety...these are ALL mental illnesses and should not be ignored, or made fun of. People have a difficult time with people with my illness because we are functional. We can go to school and work but there is nothing stamped on my head that says I'm suicidal. Take a moment and listen to my song, "I Just Can't Do It." I wrote it when I was going through suicidal depression. You are an admin. You are deciding people's fate. You MUST remove your personal feelings from your business dealings. What you said about me was a personal attack on me, it was ugly, hurtful, emotionless, and cold. You have allowed your "ideas," "feelings," "emotions" and "assumptions" about me to determine my fate! That is wrong!

I am 57 years old. I am not interested in doing things wrong, I have 4 college degrees, 2 of which are masters. I enjoy learning and had I been given the opportunity to correct my page I would have also learned how to do it correctly.

The fact that the page "could" be open for a draft, that would need to be approved prior to release and still many of you decided I wasn't Wiki worthy, and not notable enough to matter, is wrong. Period!! Wrong. You all decided that 2nd chances are not available. TNT said very clearly, what's the worse that could happen...1) It fails 2) she succeeds AND still you all said NO! That is unbelievable. Why would people not want to give someone an opportunity? Have you never need an opportunity in your life? Have you been perfect all the time? You never need to make-up a test in school maybe, or need some more time to learn something? Did you get on Wiki and immediately became a Wiki master and Admin? The answer is easy and anyone can answer's no...why because you are human.

Listen, I'm messaging you to present that you went against Wiki policy. You said things about me that go against Wiki's Civility and you completed blocked me over personal "feelings," Yes, I put things in writing for legal reasons. I knew about the Civility and apparently you all forgot and have become way too comfortable with insulting people and taking away all privileges'.

Regardless of what any of you think or say about me...I am a good person! I am not mean spirited nor hurtful towards others. I believe in second chances because I have been given plenty. I pray moving forward you think about what you "think" about people, and think about what you're going to write before you type. Words are powerful and verbiage can damage many souls.

This has been exhausting, upsetting and I cried over the stress yesterday along with the 50+ emails. So, if you can't understand how someone would be frustrated, that's on you. But remember...someone has taken you there's called life!

I would apologize to you, but I have done nor said nor written anything about you that warrants an apology. That's not true for you.

I hope you do the right thing.

  • (b) personal attacks, including racial, ethnic, sexual, disability-related ("claiming mental illness"), gender-related and religious slurs, and derogatory references to groups such as social classes or nationalities.

(d) lying (you said I had a tantrum)

Assume good faith The assume good faith (AGF) guideline states that unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, editors should assume that others are trying to help, not hurt the project.

The guideline does not require that editors continue to assume good faith in the presence of obvious evidence of intentional wrongdoing. However, do not assume there is more misconduct than evidence supports. Given equally plausible interpretations of the evidence, choose the most positive one.

Blocking for incivility See also: Blocking policy: Cool-down blocks Blocking for incivility is possible when incivility causes serious disruption. However, the civility policy is not intended to be used as a weapon and blocking should not be the first option in most cases.

Be sure to take into account all the relevant history. Avoid snap judgments without acquainting yourself with the background to any situation. Think very hard of the possible merits of all other avenues of approach before you take action. Sanctions for civility violations should only happen when nothing else would do. Poorly considered civility blocks have at times worsened disputes and increased disruption. Remember that sanctions may be more applicable under another heading (disruption, personal attack, tendentious editing, or harassment) Civility blocks should be for obvious and uncontentious reasons, because an editor has stepped over the line in a manner nearly all editors can see. In cases where you believe that taking admin action against someone who was uncivil might be contentious, it is expected that discussion will be opened on the matter, via WP:ANI, before any admin action is taken. Benefits derived from long or controversial civility blocks should be weighed against the potential for disruption caused by block reviews, and unblock requests.[2] Users should be clearly warned, in most circumstances, before being blocked for incivility, and should be allowed sufficient time to retract, reword or explain uncivil comments. Even experienced contributors should not be blocked without warning. Exceptions to this may include users who make egregious violations or threats, or who have received multiple warnings or blocks."

This was the response I received: If you send me another e-mail, I will disable your ability to do so.--Bbb23 (talk)

This is a soulless person who seems to enjoy the power she has to make decisions based on emotions and not rules and policies. This is clearly personal because she made assumptions about my actions and attacked my mental illness. And as for HJ Mitchell calling me a non-notable musician, he needs to take a look at the write-up in this non-notable magazine called