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My Time-Off Is Over

This has been a long wait for me but the wait is finally over. It seems like years ago, oh, wait, it was years ago, that I have had a record deal for the release of one of my singles. Yes, I've had songs out but it's been years since I've had the proper publishing, marketing, production, and distribution that such an iconic label, Nervous Records, has at their finger tips.

I have wanted to remake the infamous Phyllis Hyman song, "You Know How To Love Me," but couldn't find a producer. I finally sent it to Kenny Carpenter years ago and he did nothing with it, so it just sat in a folder gathering dust. Last year December, Kenny reached out to me and asked if I still wanted to do the song. Of, course I said yes! Let's do this! I've been waiting for this day, and so the production began. Well, weeks went by and I didn't hear from Kenny at all...nothing. Weeks turned into months and because he never responded, I assumed he was not interested, and so again it sat in a folder I thought labeled, "not interested," but have come to realize it was labeled, "not time." Hello somebody!

Kenny finally reached out to me and we picked up where we left off, which was all on him as he is the producer and I already laid the lead and all background vocals. Things were slowly moving along and then, once again I don't hear from Kenny. Now, I'm upset because for years I had producers say they wanted to work with me and then disappear. Finally, after a few weeks, Kenny reaches back out with a near final production and it was amazing! He kept the traditional song style with an updated groove and added a fly live sax. Leroy Burgess added some overdubs and took it to the next level. I sound almost identical to Phyllis, except my voice is a little richer, and my intonations have more movement. Other than that, if no one tells you that's me singing, you will 100% think it's Phyllis Hyman. I love her voice, so it was an honor for me to pay homage to here.

So, I am excited, to say the least. I'm sometimes a betting woman, and I bet this song will be a 2023 Summer Jam, as so many others agree. I'll keep you posted on the release date. Be ready to dance!!



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