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I Can Hardly Contain Myself

I have been glued in front of the TV since January 6, 2021. As we all watched the horrible and despicable defiling of our United States Capital. White supremacy has shown its ugly face, but the good news is the much needed conversations are being raised and had. The change that this country has needed has been long overdue and to watch, in real time, the beginning of what I consider a new era, is almost surreal. I sit with my pearls and converses on to honor the first female, first African and Indian American, take her oath as Vice President of the great country, I danced, and clapped, and shouted with joy! I feel like VP Harris' achievement is also mine. She represents so many of us , people of color, who grew up with so many people of authority who never looked like me. This plays a part of how people view themselves, their self-worth, their place in this country.

Listen to President Biden's speech, was a breath of fresh air. I could actually listen! I couldn't stand the voice of Trump and I don't mind saying, I couldn't stand that man. He's a racist and so much more, but racist is all I needed see in him.

For all of the people who voted for him because of abortion are selfish because this man truly divided this country the moment he said, "my base." Addionally, your religious beliefs should never enter politics. This country was build on freedom NOT Christianity. It is horrible for people to impose themselves on others. This is politics and we should choose based on policy, not on your perception of how one should live their lives "religiously." I also want to add, for all of the people who have an issue with abortion, it's ironic to me that almost NONE of them have adopted any children!. Also, the amount of women that have taken birth control and want to impose their personal beliefs...don't be a hypocrite. Everyone, please stay in your lane and mind your damn business. You've got so much work to do on yourself, stay focused and do you!

TRUTH: Love is everything...sometimes I struggle to find it in others, but I keep searching.




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